NCRYPT is a suite of accelerated NIST-compatible data security algorithms designed to enable a range of real-time secure data storage and processing applications.

Accelerated Data Encryption

Data security is a serious problem for all modern IT companies. Hackers are succeeding at breaching even the most secure modern online services. There are many advanced security algorithms and techniques that are well researched and widely standardized but seldom used in modern IT products because of the compute burden and latency associated with using them. Nyriad® has developed a suite of GPU accelerated security algorithms that are designed to provide a complete real-time toolkit for advanced security data processing and storage applications. The NCRYPT suite includes a complete family of FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms, random number generators and secure signature generation algorithms.

Storcrux Transform

NCRYPT includes a little known but very powerful algorithm to securely store data across a range of untrusted public cloud providers without risk of data theft or being cut off from access to data by any single provider. This encryption transform works in concert with AES to mathematically smear encrypted data such that the information no longer exists in any individual bit of data. The transformed data can’t be recovered even if a thief takes several physical drives or hacks an entire data center and has access to the encryption keys for the data. The algorithm is very compute intensive and is impractical for real-time use in CPU based computing but can be computed in real-time in a GPU accelerated storage-processing pipeline.

Blockchain Storage

NCRYPT includes a GPU accelerated blockchain generation algorithm capable of hashing, signing and generating a Merkle tree out of large volumes of data in real-time. The NCRYPT blockchain algorithm can use any combination of NCRYPT hashing and signing algorithms. Used in combination with NSULATE a blockchain encoded file system can detect any form of corruption or malicious modification and recover from it automatically. The NCRYPT blockchain algorithm is suitable for generating a complete auditable history of any file system transactions.