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Nyriad is a fast-growing software technology company based in Cambridge, NZ. We are the first commercial spin-out of the Square Kilometre Array, the world’s largest radio telescope and the next mega-science project.

Nyriad develops storage-processing technology to enable data processing and storage on volumes of data beyond the scale of today’s internet, and is now partnering with technology giants like Nvidia and Microsemi to commercialise it.

Internship Programme

We are aggressively hiring software engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics and mechanical/electrical engineering students and graduates into our internship programme to form new development teams.

As an intern, you will participate in our engineering onboarding programme designed to give you the opportunity to work in a high-growth, deep technology company with growth ambitions rarely seen outside of Silicon Valley. The onboarding programme will bring you up to speed on Nyriad's technology and introduce you to the skills you need to function in an agile, self-managing engineering organisation with ambitious business and technical objectives. Following a successful internship, you will be eligible to join one of our Agile development teams.

Ideal candidates will be a student or graduate in software engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics or mechanical/electrical engineering. We have a variety of product areas and areas of expertise which you will have the opportunity to gain experience in, including:

  • Operating Systems
  • Data Storage
  • Distributed Computing
  • GPU Programming
  • High Performance Computing
  • Cryptography / Security
  • Driver Development
  • Testing and Verification
  • IT Infrastructure Automation
  • Front end Web Development

Experience in C/C++, Python and/or JavaScript is required. Experience in CUDA, OpenCL or DirectX is a big plus, as is experience with data analysis/machine learning frameworks like Spark, Flink or TensorFlow.

These roles are located in Cambridge NZ. If you are interested in working at a fast-growing company on world-changing technologies, this is the place for you. Please include a cover letter and an example of a personal project when applying.

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