TYAN and Nyriad Announce First GPU-Accelerated Storage Server Solution for Ultra-Dense Storage

Denver, Colorado, November 15, 2017 — TYAN, in partnership with Nyriad, announces a revolutionary advance in ultra-dense GPU-accelerated storage to be demonstrated at Supercomputing 2017 (SC17).

TYAN has qualified the Thunder SX (FA100-B7118) storage server with an NVIDIA Pascal GPU to enable Nyriad’s NSULATE™ GPU-accelerated storage. NSULATE uses a GPU to perform erasure coding and cryptographic checksumming. This enables NSULATE to support hundreds of device failures within a large storage array.

This solution overcomes the limitations of traditional RAID-based storage and enables low cost, high-density data storage. It supports the creation of DAS arrays with hundreds of parallel storage devices, able to provide high performance even with massive array degradation. The specific hardware implementation also allows GPU computing on the storage nodes, resulting in minimal data movement and saving on network fabric.

Matthew Simmons, CEO of Nyriad Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to have TYAN as a qualified hardware partner for NSULATE as getting speed, storage density, and extreme error resilience has always been a matter of making difficult tradeoffs for each application. Using the GPU for storage processing has finally made it possible to have all of these features in a single solution, and now TYAN has it in their Thunder SX (FA100-B7118) storage server.”

TYAN expressed its excitement about the partnership with Nyriad as GPU computing directly on storage servers will enable it to offer server systems with lower power consumption and minimal data movement.

Danny Hsu, Vice President of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit stated, “The continued growth of HPC applications has enabled solutions for science, medicine and many other fields of study, while at the same time further increased the need for faster, more resilient storage and compute requirements. Our partnership with Nyriad has yielded an incredible solution combining GPU compute and high speed storage, based on the Thunder SX FA100-B7118 server.”

TYAN and Nyriad will demonstrate the solution at Supercomputing 2017 in Denver, Colorado, on November 13-16, Booth #1269.

About TYAN

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About Nyriad

Nyriad is an exascale computing company specialising in advanced data storage solutions for big data and high performance computing. Officially the first commercial spin-out from the Square Kilometre Array Project, the company was forced to rethink the relationship between storage, processing and bandwidth to achieve a breakthrough in system stability and performance capable of processing and storing over 160Tb/s of radio antennae data in real-time, within a power budget impossible with any modern IT solutions. For more information, visit